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Reading books together teaches your child new words and shows them what print is and how books work. When reading is fun, children become more interested in learning how to read themselves.


Describing what is happening in a picture develops imagination and storytelling skills. Have your child describe what is happening in the picture on the Spark Activity Card.

More: Toon Books are graphic novels for young children that have lots of great pictures to describe. You can get them from the library or view them online.

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Guessing words by using visual clues helps children feel successful. Can you kids guess the words on the Spark Activity Card?

More: Easy Reader books are designed to provide visual clues to new readers. Try easy readers with your prereaders as well and point out the pictures and words that go together.

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Imitating different voices when you read aloud makes a story more interesting. Try out the voices on the Spark Card.

More: Find books with great voices to try.

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Knowing a variety of words helps children as they are learning to read. Try using a variety of words to describe things like on the Spark Activity Card.

More: Look at the article Building Vocabulary with Picture Books for book that are great for vocabulary.

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Learning just the right word for an idea builds vocabulary. Think of all the names for types of relatives. Have your child draw some relatives on the family tree on the Spark Card.

More: Try some books that introduce words to help kids learn words about concepts.

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