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Alliterative Books

Read a book that has alliterative phrases such as: "Bobby bakes bread" or "my mother makes mudpies." Helping your child find the letter that repeats shows them that the words we read are made up of letters.
The Animal Antics series is great for this activity.

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt Literacy Activity

Acting out stories helps children understand the new stories they hear.

Read then act out We're Going on a Bear Hunt

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book jacket

Toot Toot Beep Beep Literacy Activity

When you talk and play together with your children, you give them a rich context for understanding the meanings of new words. Read Toot toot beep beep and then (More)

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Listening Skills

Tip: Playing sound games builds listening skills that will help children sound out words as they learn to read.

Literacy Activity: Read Sing- Along Song What sounds does your child hear in their world?

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Three Little Bears

Use Different Voices

Parents can help foster children’s interest in books by reading with inflection, and changing the tempo and volume of their voice as the story suggests. Try reading a book your child using different voices for the different characters.

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Make a List!

When you make lists of interesting things with your child, it gives them a different way to think about and learn new words.
Read one of these books and then have your kids help make a list.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle Literacy Activity

Here’s a new version of Hey Diddle Diddle, in which all the other animals get to play musical instruments along with the cat.

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Coloring page

Nursery Rhyme Coloring Booklets

Children who know nursery rhymes by heart have an easier time sounding out words when they are ready to read. Print out all 24 of these coloring pages, fold them into little books, and let your child color them in. You can keep them in the car or a totebag and read them together when you are on the go!

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PBS logo

Activity Books

Print out these free booklets from PBS for fun ideas to that will get you reading, writing, talking, singing, and playing with your kids. While they play, they will be getting ready to read!

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Makingbooks.com screenshot

Readers are Writers and Writers are Readers!

Make a little book with your children and write down a story they tell you. Your book can be as simple as a piece of paper folded in half, or you can try one of these fun, easy, and inexpensive book ideas at Making Books with Children.

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